Information for Future Students

Department of Physical Therapy curriculum goals

1) Provide students with the knowledge and skills to assess movement impairments and mobility disabilities

2) Provide students with the knowledge and skills to establish a physiotherapy diagnosis and design a plan of care related to examination and evaluation of movement impairments and mobility disabilities

3) Introduce informatics and evidence based practice

4) Encourage students to become independent critical thinkers and problem solvers

5) Encourage students to become lifelong learners

 Program of study

The first year curriculum is designed to teach the basics of biology, anatomy and physiology necessary to understand the physiological scientific background of the profession of physiotherapy. In addition, during the first year, physiotherapy students at Ariel University are required to take courses in social sciences. Upon graduation, they will be able to treat every person as a whole, with respect to his/her personality and individual environment. In the second half of the first year there are practical courses such as medical massage, examination and measurements and therapeutic exercises. During the first year student are encouraged to develop their own skills in scientific reading, analyzing scientific data, time management, critical thinking and problem solving.

In the second year courses focus on medical subjects, such as pathology, diseases of various body systems, surgical procedures and more. In addition, the scientific foundations for physiotherapy interventions are introduced.

Third year curriculum focuses on exploring available scientific information as well as the rationale behind physiotherapy techniques and interventions for patients from different backgrounds and age groups who present with movement impairments and mobility disabilities. Accordingly, students are introduced to problems in the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems.

The focus of the fourth year is on gaining practical experience through clinical affiliations. As soon-to-be graduates of physiotherapy, students are required to take enrichment courses dealing with a variety of issues concerning professionalism and administration.


60 and 70 are the respective required grade point averages for theoretical and practical courses. To progress from one year to the next a student must attain a cumulative grade point average of 65 or above (calculated from all courses).

Permission to participate in clinical affiliations is granted upon meeting all the requirements (see previous paragraph) by the first semester of the third academic year.