Researchers, laboratories and clinics at the Department of Physiotherapy

The curriculum at the Department of Physiotherapy covers a wide range of subjects related to every field of health, from neurobiology and neurology, orthopedics, geriatrics and pediatrics to rehabilitation technologies and more.

As part of their seminar requirements, students participate in research projects with faculty in various laboratories, including:

  • A motion study laboratory, headed by Dr. Zvi Kozol
  • Neuromuscular & Human performance laboratory, headed by Dr. Shmuel Springer
  • A virtual reality laboratory, headed  Dr. Orit Elion
  • Neurobiology of Exercise Training Laboratory , headed by Prof. Ofira Einstein 

  • Brain and Motor Behavior Laboratory, headed by Dr. Silvi Frenkel Toledo

There are two additional clinical classrooms for the practical study of implementing the theoretical material. The classrooms are equipped with modern tools for physiotherapy treatment, therapeutic beds and related treatment equipment.