Vice Dean for R&D

Prof. Itzick Shai

Dear researchers,

Welcome to the postdoctoral fellowship program at Ariel University!

As Israel’s youngest university, Ariel University is devoted to becoming a groundbreaking frontrunner for innovative studies in strategic areas, providing the most contemporary knowledge and skills and cultivating an excellent research culture.

We welcome young scholars who would like to join this challenge and conduct scientific cutting-edge research.

A postdoc fellowship at Ariel University offers you the opportunity to develop key competencies for excellent research and leadership beyond your own research work. Our committed faculty and staff are here to support you throughout your academic journey to ensure that your experience here is rewarding and productive. We are dedicated to ensuring that you will be well-prepared for a successful career. Our purpose is to inspire young researchers to think, learn, create and discover while developing interdisciplinary and innovative solutions to real world contemporary scientific challenges.

Under the umbrella of the Research and Development Authority, the postdoctoral training program team will provide you all the resources you need to achieve your goals – guidance by the best scientific advisers, modern laboratories and research centers, access to our modern library and monthly newsletters about available grants, conferences and social events.

Postdoctoral fellows from all fields are a crucial contribution to the research enterprise of our university, and we would be delighted if you choose to join our dynamic academic research community.

Wish you every success,

Prof. Itzick Shai

Vice Dean of Research and Development