Robotics and industrial manufacturing laboratory

The laboratory established in 2006, focuses on applied research for military and medical applications.

It is home to seasoned researcher from several disciplines: mechatronics,industrial engineering,computer science, and psychology.

Current projects include:

  • Robotic systems for motion in tunnels and confined spaces
  • Rope climbing spider Robot
  • Triple-tracked robot for accurate motion on steep slopes
  • Robot-human interface for robotic heart surgery
  • Multi-robot control
  • Natural interfaces for tele-robotics
  • Design and control of tracked vehicles
  • Force Feedback in Endoscopic Robotic Suregery

The diversity of the research group allows an integrated solution that takes into account system kinematics, dynamics, and human factors. The center enjoys funding from national and international sources, and maintains research collaborations   with major research labs in Europe and the US.