About the Research and Development Authority

Mr. Danny Hardon
Head of Research and Development Authority

Ariel University is committed to research excellence, and the R&D Authority under Vice President and Dean for Research & Development, Prof. Itzhaq Shai, is the administrative body entrusted with promoting this goal. As part of its activities, the Authority assists university researchers in initiating, monitoring and managing research – both from outside and internal sources.

R&D Authority activities include:

  • Locating and disseminating calls for proposals to AU researchers
  • Supporting and guiding researchers in submitting research proposals
  • Administrative management of active research
  • Budgetary control of active research
  • Personnel management: researchers, research assistants and graduates
  • Supporting the absorption of immigrant scientists and returning scientists
  • Handling of research fellowships
  • Handling of absorption of post-doctoral students
  • Initiating collaboration between researchers and research groups from academia and industry
  • Establishing research and development centers

The Research Authority works in cooperation with the university’s implementation company, Ariel Scientific Innovations (ASI) Ltd., to promote research with practical and commercial potential, as well as with the Samaria and the Jordan Valley Regional R&D Center in supporting research programs that promote the region’s economic and social development.

On our website, you can find up-to-date information regarding funding opportunities, research activities of faculty members, training of researchers on a variety of subjects, procedures and instructions for operating research grants, and more.

I invite all AU researchers to take advantage of the activities initiated by the R & D Authority, and to participate in training workshops and joint seminars with external bodies our affiliates. Our staff would be happy to assist you in locating funding opportunities, submitting research proposals, managing research budgets and working together to promote research activity in Israel and internationally.