Navigation and Accessibility Research Center of Ariel University (NARCA)

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The Navigation and Accessibility Research Center of Ariel University (NARCA) is an institution within the Department of Behavioral Sciences Psychology of Ariel University, Israel. The NARCA supports research on orientation and mobility, navigation, accessibility and travel aids of all kinds for people with sensory or cognitive deficits. Our research will focus on teaching of skills for accessibility and navigation, the use of tools and gadgets for accessibility and navigation, and general research on these topics, in terms of practical applications or theoretical research. The NARCA provides research facilities for scientists from a wide range of disciplines, for example the humanities, neuroscience, engineering, neurolinguistics, neuromarketing, neurology, psychology, and behavioral sciences.


Research at NARCA spans all aspects of psychophysics, psychological research and cognitive neuroscience, including investigations of the neural basis of sensory perception, decision making, action planning, emotion, language, social interactions, wayfinding, navigation, orientation, obstacle detection and avoidance in the context of accessibility for people who are disabled. In addition to exploring the neural mechanisms underlying normal and abnormal human behavior, the NARCA is active in developing new techniques and tools to help tech people with disabilities different everyday life skills.

Research Groups

NARCA comprises several different research groups based in different departments at Ariel University (Behavioral Science, Psychology, Engineering, Education, Social Sciences and Medicine), we also collaborate with several different research groups at other Universities and Institutions.

Key Words: Navigation, Orientation & Mobility, Accessibility, Blindness, Visual Impairment, Disability, Computer Accessibility, Sensory Substitution, Sensory Enhancement, Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychological Research, Behavioral Research, Psychophysics, Navigational Aids, Cognitive Aids