Graduated Ph.D candidates

1. Tzachi Shalit (2009-2015) ” Development of bifunctional molecules with therapeutic potential for degenerative diseases”

2. Inbal Lapidot (2009-2014) “The synthesis and exploration of novel synthesized antimicrobial agents on the basis of antibacterial ultra-short peptides and organic heterocycles”

3. Tamar Traube, (2008-2012) “Computer assisted design of novel serine protease inhibitors: A combinatorial approach, applying EITA for the design of TS analog chemical warheads and traditional structure-based design of peptidomimetic recognition elements”

4. Yosi Gilat (2011-2016) “Development of multi drug-peptides conjugates for TDD”

5. Tamara Brider, (2011-2016) “Synthesis of multifunctional privilege scaffolds for fast around-the-scaffold” optimization by SPOC”,

6. Redko Boris (2012-2016 ) “Synthesis of novel heteroatoc containing anticancer polycyclic compounds”


Graduated MSc. Candidates:

1. Sagit Shitrit, (2006-2008), “Development of multifunctional platforms for time controlled targeted drug delivery”

2. Natali Pariente, (2006-2008), “Development of Antifungal Compounds Based on Novel Trifluroalkyl β- Aminovenyl ketone and Triazole Motives for Medicinal and Agricultural Uses”

3. Aviran Amir, (2006-2008), “Synthesis of chiral Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA) based on Ornithine backbone”

4. Amit Herson, (2006-2008), Synthesis toward chiral Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA) based on Ornithine backbone”

5. Tamara Brider, (2006-2008), “Synthesis and biological activity evaluation of antibacterial peptides and synthesis of chiral 2,5-diketopiperazes”

6. Tamar Traube, (2006-2008) “Short peptides on ketopiperazine scaffolds as antibacterial activities”

7. Eran Hazan (2006-2008) “Synthesis of chiral orthogonally protected milti-functional ketopiperazine scaffolds for using in SPOC”,

8. Tzachi Shalit (2007-2009) “Development of Pt-Drug platforms for targeted drug delivery”

9. Yosi Gilat (2009- 2011 ) “Synthesis of loaded platforms with drugs for TDD”

10. Sagiv Waintrov (2009-2011) “One-pot derivatization of potent 9-aminoacridine”

11. Sofi Baskin,(2008- 2012) “Development of anticancer drug-peptide conjugates for targeted drug delivery”,

12. Redko Boris(2010- 2012) “Development a linkage echnologyt for anticancer drugs”

13. Alex Rozovsky (2013-2015 ) ” Synthesis of anticancer structural hybrids of amonafide – carbazoles”


Ph.D candidates:

1. Elena Ragozin (2013- ) “Synthetic strategies towards novel multi containing anticancer conjugates

2. Andrey Bazilevich (2013- ) “Synthesis of novel fluorescent linkers for in vivo imaging by TDD”

3. Alex Rozovsky (2015- ) ” Synthesis of novel fluorescent linkers for biodistribution of peptide conjugates in targeted drug delivery”

4. Maxim Bokan (2016- ) ” Development of fluorophore platforms for monitoring of targeted drug delivery”

5. Dipak Walunj (2017-) ” Development of novel molecular chimeras for treatment of cancer.

6. Ebaston T.M. (2017- ) “Development of novel fluorescent probes platforms for ”switch on/switch off” monitoring of targeted drug delivery

7. Alisa Zaparozhets (2017 -) “Design and Synthesis of novel peptide based carriers for targeted delivery of drugs”


M.Sc Candidates

1. Alona Bubina (2016 – ) “Synthesis and biological evaluation of targeted anticancer peptide drug conjugates’

2. Hodaya Elba (2017 – ) “Solid phase synthesis and biological evaluation of targeted anticancer peptide drug conjugates”