Teaching Accomplishments

Teaching Accomplishments


Prof. Gellerman designed exclusive, state-of-the-art academic courses and curricula for medicinal chemistry, such as:

1.Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory:

To provide lab tools for synthesizing drugs. Students are trained in various state-of-the art solution and solid phase multi-stage synthesizers, monitoring, work-up and product isolation methods.  Final product and intermediate analysis is carried out by all necessary spectral techniques, such as NMR, IR, UV, GC-MS, LC-MS. Students learn to use Scifinder for searching the literature, and practice basic molecular modeling for SAR experiments. In addition, students test the synthesized drugs in relevant biological assays to learn basic and necessary knowledge in the principles of drug development.

2.Drug Synthesis:

Students learn about the design and synthesis of  pharmaceutical drugs.

3.Medicinal chemistry of anticancer drugs:

Students study antitumor chemotherapy, concentrating on up-to-date treatments from the perspective of medicinal chemistry and drug design. The course focuses on the mechanism of antitumor drugs and SAR of antitumor agents, rationalizing the action of the drug and its role in the design of new biologically active candidates.

In addition, Prof. Gellerman developed effective interactive teaching strategies for the educational advancement of the students.


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