Department of Social Work

Ariel University


Department of Social Work

Head of the Department: Prof. Menachem Ben Ezra

 Deputy Head of the Department: Dr. Esther Zichlinsky

About the Social Work Profession

The Department of Social Work, founded in 1998 by the late Prof. Shlomo Sharlin, grants bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

The department is committed to teaching and training students who will lead social change in the various welfare frameworks, in developing policies and in providing efficient and effective social services for individuals, families and communities. The department views the family system and the community as the main frameworks through which it is possible to mediate between individuals and their social environment to enhance the personal potential of the family and the community, emphasizing their importance of their study as central and interventional units. All undergraduate and graduate programs, are based on a combination of practice and theory. In addition, the school encourages students to engage in research from the bachelor’s degree through a research seminar and seminar for outstanding students in the third year.

Undergraduate Program

A bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW) grants a license to engage in the profession of social work in Israel. The uniqueness of the undergraduate degree is reflected in three essential components of in-depth study: individual and family counseling, community work and group work. Our perception is that a graduate of social work must learn in depth three main methods: individual and family counseling, community work and group work. Therefore, in addition to the primary method the student chooses (individual and family counseling or community work), in which he expands his knowledge for two years, all graduates learn the secondary method: individual and family counselling or community work (according to the primary method of their choice) and group work for a year and a half. The secondary curriculum includes theoretical and practical studies. We also believe that every graduate of social work must undergo training for at least one year in the social services located in the local authorities, which serve as the central framework available to citizen in need. Therefore, all undergraduate students do practical second-year training in these frameworks.

Master’s Degree

The Master’s program in social work at Ariel University is a therapeutic program which prepares graduates for senior positions in the field of social work.

Graduates acquire expertise in the field of health and mental health, and in family and couples therapy, in accordance with the requirements of the Israeli Association for Couples and Family Therapy.

The unique strengths of the department compared with parallel departments at other institutions:

  • Extensive theoretical and clinical knowledge base in family and couples therapy adapted to the requirements of the Israeli Association for Couples and Family Therapy
  • Advanced knowledge in the field of research planning and implementation in practice
  • A broad theoretical and clinical knowledge base in the field of health and mental health
  • Exposure to theoretical/clinical knowledge in the field of children and adolescents
  • All students engage in 100 hours of clinical work
  • Students take part in training groups, including live guidance, during their clinical work.
  • Enables development of a fruitful relationship with non-academic factors related to the curriculum, like community welfare agencies
  • Relatively small study groups (in clinical courses) enable the development of personal and on-going connection between lecturers and students, and among students themselves.
  • The program offers a research program with a thesis, or alternatively, a non-thesis program.
  • Combination of theory and research
  • Training of senior social workers in the therapeutic, research, and social fields